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Subject: confirmation of permanent residency
  my e-client changed 10 days ago todecision made and they told me that all the document are send to my local office and that they will contact me to make appointmant.Iam in canada applicant.
how long I need to waith to obtain confirmation of permanent residency.I have son who is in europe and he is coming when i obtain that letter.Please help eny info is good info. Thank you.

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did they already ask you for your passport for stamping?
At what stage your application is, please post timeline . Did you include your son in your application? if you did not you will have to sponsor him once you get your PR.

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I dont need to give them pasport my pp is with them
I am in canada applicant I will get pr card insted visa that is what i was told
yes i include my son from the begining
I appl. nov.2004
did medical in may 2005
docum. may 2005
decision made aug.2005
I was told by the immigration that they send all my document to my local offise and thet they will contact me to make appointment for me to saind confirmation of permanent residency and than that they need to send that paper to viena for my son to came but they didnt tell me how much longer i need to waith?????????

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How come you were allowed to apply from within Canada?
Were you sponsored by any relative?

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we came (me and my husb.) in usa and than with lowyer make appointment with immigration canada in border and we start from there
no we didnt have any relative

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please be advise i got B1/B2 for 5 years from 2000 to 2005 which is expired august 2005.i visited 2 time in usa now i apply for me and my family they refuse because refusal other country also not give visa.i have my son usa passport holder but he is only 5 years. i am too upset because after all i visited usa/uk/belgium/holland/france/jamica. if you have any solution i am ready to pay all your fees what ever.your urgent reply will be highly apperciated
tufail ahmed khan

tufail ahmed khan
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