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Subject: Regarding the background check
  Hi there,
Hell I guess you are right, and "referral sent electronicly to pi" means sent for background check.
The interesting point is, after 5 month from the date I did my medical, they have sent out my application for background check on January 2005. Its been already 8 month from that time. I heard CIC states that the background check might take up to 9 month. I wonder if this is true or not?
My friend applied 4 monthes after me, she got her IA four month after me, and from her CAIPS note, that I saw, her file was sent for back ground check 5 month after me, but after a month, they received her back ground check results, and around that time, she got the message on the web site that states "the medical has been received".

So the tricky part is background check which seems to be out of the hand of CIC. If this is the case then we canot blame CIC that they want to get more money from international students.

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Hi Calvin TA,

How do I know that my application is sent out for background checks especially from caips notes?

My medicals were done in March 2005, caips notes shows
BDEC 5/April/2005

Does it mean that my backgorund checks were initiated a month after medicals?

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Well I´m not sure. As hell says, somewhere in you CAIPS it states " Refferal sent electronicly for PI on 12-January-2005" this probably means the background check started on January 2005.
I did not see any date on my CAIPS in front of BDEC!.
It is probably mean you background check is completed on that date. but I´m not sure

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I really don´t know what´s going on......
It seems that CAIPS notes state different things for different situations. How much time does the background check take in any different case? - it´s practically impossible to predict. Sounds like order your CAIPS ones in 2 months and you´ll see. We plan to do in a week.

To issabella:
BDEC from my understanding meens that your background checking is done on April 2005, that´s about your BFD?
Do you plan to get your CAIPS soon? (to figure it out)?

to hell and calvin (in reply to: Regarding the background check)
yeah there is just a date in front of my BDEC. no code like 0,1,2,3 etc.

Soon I´ll be getting another caips, to see BDEC started and ended etc ...just how youll have in your caips ( referral sent for PI or something like that)

Yeah my BFD is feb 1, 2006. LOL!! it looks like it gonna be a long christmas for me LOl!!

back ground checks from lebanon (in reply to: Regarding the background check)
just to share with the rest of u,
application jan 05
interview may 05 Damascus, office
second med nov 05
nov 05 BG was sent and my wife still waiting for her visa
she never left lebanon
any one ....y does it take so long??
o by the way we gonna have our first baby in june 06
still waiting.......

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