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Subject: updating information to buffalo
  Hi everybody,

When you send updates to your information do you fax, mail or both?
Thank you!

Applied: March 2005
AOR: April 2005
RPRF ($975) sent: May 2005
Police Certificate sent July 2005
Update on my marital status (I got married!): August 2005


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To be on the safer side do both.

I heard, CIC receives more than 1000 fax everyday and most of those usually go to garbage unread.

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If not urgent, use Express please, fast and safe but a little expense.
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Please send the following information to the embassy handling your case:

Cover letter requesting them to add your spouse to your existing application.

1) Updated second page of Application for Permanent Residence IMM 0008,
2) Updated Additional Family Information IMM 5406,
3) Your spouse?s Schedule 1 and IMM 5406
4) Your spouse?s birth certificates,
5) Marriage certificate,
6) Spouse?s education documents,
7) Photos
8) Application fee in the amount of CAD 550 for spouse
9) Copy of passport
10) Police clearance certificate

After this medical papers will be sent for your spouse. This may add a couple of months to your application but you have no choice.

ROLF and FBI asap or wait (in reply to: updating information to buffalo)
are we required to send the ROLF fund right after AOR? I havent got any letter yet. and how about FBI & police clearance? I sent those altogether with my application. am I supposed to renew it after expiration date? I hired a US lawyer but I was used by him i guess. he seems walk away after got paid. i didn´t know there is a website that clearly guide us to apply Canada PR. he promised that in my case, the languange test & interview will be waived. but I still got to take IELTS test! all he did was prepare my applications, ask me to complete this and that, he even didn´t help me when I told him that I have no enough fund in my bank acc. I told him that if i didn´t hire you, i would have enough in my acc. he really dissapointed me and annoying kinda jerk but i realize that it was my biggest failure I´ve done in my life and never happen again even to my friends, I don´t recommend them to hire somebody to help. This forum is alot helpful that he is.
thanks for your kindness answer.

truly tx
to kenny and truly tx (in reply to: updating information to buffalo)
- Thank you for the details but my wife is a canadian citizen so I don´t have to send anything.

- You don´t have to send ROLF right after AOR but I sent it in order to be done with all the fees.


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