Can anyone help me?

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Subject: Can anyone help me?
  HI all

I am sponsoring my Mexican husbund to come to Canada. since the process takes about 6 to 8 months we have decided that i come to mexico this November to be with him until process finishes. how long does it take beofre the application gets approved in canada and moves to the sponsored persons country?

has anyone else done what i am doing, meaning going to my husbunds country while the process lasts, and stay their until process finishes?

we are going to first wait until application gets approved in canada?

has anyone else done this.

need advise.
thanks for your help

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It should take 30 days to be approved in Canada....could be less time could be a little more....count on 30 days

Good luck

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Nira, are you a Canadian Citizen? I know that PR can´t sponsor while they are living outside Canada. If you are a Canadian Ciitizen you can stay with your husband while the application is being processed in Mexico.

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