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Subject: Took IELTS last week
I took my IELTS exam last week in Vancouver. Hoping to get full 16 points for immigration.
(My guess is 8.5-9-8-8 bands :) Let´s see how much I actually get.
Anyone needs any info on the exam, please let me know..

Tips for the test (in reply to: Took IELTS last week)
Hi Big B Could you give any tips or special material to study for the test? How long will take for them to get you the results? Is Calgary where the only test centre in ALberta is at? Thank you so much.
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I took it on July 23rd

My guess was
L=6.5 R=7.0 W=9.0 S=8.0

but actual came out to be
L=7.0 R=9.0 W=7.0 S=7.0

Good luck man

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i am having mine next thursday . last time i got 6 7 7 8
so that means i got 14
so this time i hope to get 16 total ;) and this will make me get the 67 and no need for the subsituted evaluation that i am in right now ;)
wish me luck guys

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xanax, I wish you best of luck

can you pleae tell me your story of "substitued evaluation"? did you apply for it or it automatically went there?

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good luck xanax,

As for Listening: Please devote more time on reading the questions before the recording starts. So you know what you have to listen for...

for reading: especially for true/false/not given type questions: before you say true or false, look at the paragraph again and ask yourself - "Does the writer really say that? Or is it just my assumption?" if it is just your assumption, without the writer saying that clearly, it most likely is "not given"

Good luck

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continued from my earlier post:

Writing : 20 and 40 minutes are enough for writing: use some 5-10 minutes on making an outline of what you are going to write. write down some keywords (vocabulary) before you start writing. And when you practice, write with a pencil. I made this mistake, writing with a pen is much faster than writing with a pencil....

Speaking: don´t think anyone can guide you in a few lines :)

Good luck

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big B ..
thanks man .. i will take ur points in consideration ..
and good luck to you too ..

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Last minute advice...READ THE TOPIC FOR WRITING ESSAY CAREFULYY and read the complete line...I made the mistake of reading half through and had almost made a blunder of my wriitng test...!
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Hey BigB,

Could you please tell how long did you prepare and what study materials you used?

Did you use any resources on the internet? If yes, do you mind sharing those.



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