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Yes i am a canadian citizen, and wants i am approved to sponsor i am going to go to mexico tell process is over. should we tell the immigration officer that i am going for just a trip or should we let them know that i am going until process is over, thus quiting my job. or should we just say that it is just a trip?

thanks for your time

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Just tell them you are going to visit your husband.
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As you are a citizen and you can sponsor from outside Canada I would tell them that you and your husband will be living together in Mexico.

1. You will need to give them your current mailing address in case they will need to contact you.
2. It lends validity to your relationship if you and your husband can show that you are willing to live together, remember that one of the primary concerns for immigration is determining whether a relationship is valid. Majority of the applications pass background and medical clearance it´s the relationship that they have to substantiate and that requires a lot of proof.

Best of luck and enjoy winter in Mexico. Warm weather, hot man, what more could a girl want :-).

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