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Subject: Child - Medical Examination - Help!
I have applied for immigration from USA and have recevied my medical papers. We are waiting for next step. During this time we have a new addition to our family. I have been blessed with child and are looking to add our baby to immigration. We need the insight for the following:

>1: As we (myself & wife) did our medical while we are in USA and planning to be in India on vacation for few months. Can I do my child medical in India? Or should I need to be in USA for her medical?.

>2: Is the processing of my child application will still be from Canadian Embassy in USA( where we applied ) or will it from Canadian Embassy - India ?.

Thanks in advance.


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Tests can be done anywhere and at the approved doctors. You can get a list of them from the website.

Application for the child to be from USA same as yours


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