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Subject: Detention hearing
  Hi !

Anyone who ever had to go trough a detention hearing could shed some light onto it for me..

Does the spouse is allowed in there ? If yes, what participation is there allowed ? , Do you really need a lawyer ? , Other than going trough your file, is there any other kind of questions they are asking ? When is the best time to suggest a bond to the judge ?

Thank you.

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Hi Sandra,

My ex-husband had a detention hearing in 1998, he was on an immigration warrant and we were not aware that one was out. Considering that we had an application in process you would think that one would quash the other or they would have sent us some notice to that fact.

Anyway, here is what happened:
We are in Toronto; I went to see him at the detention centre at Airport Road.
He had a hearing in Mississauga, we did not have a lawyer, and I argued the facts of our relationship myself.
The main thing that immigration will argue is will he be a threat to the community and will he abide by the laws and report if ordered to leave Canada. I argue that he was not a threat and stood as his guarantor for his release. I had to deposit a cash bond of $3,000.00 and a performance bond of $5,000.00. He also had to report to the police station once per month on a give day until he got his PR status. He was picked up the Saturday evening and was released the Monday evening.

If you are going to represent your husband, I am assuming it?s your husband, forgive me if I am wrong, you should listen carefully to what the immigration lawyer says, the points in law that they are arguing. If your husband is not a threat to society, having any criminal matters outside of his immigration problems the case should be pretty simple.

I hope everything works out okay for you.

One Love
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