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Subject: Before submitting forms...

I am about to submit my application for Permanent Residence (skilled worker) and need some clarification/suggestions before I do so..

I am unmarried with no children, applying for myself.

1. Main application form, page 2 (details of family members) - This part is just for spouse and kids, right?? or do I include father, mother, siblings information here too?

2. Should I take the IELTS English proficiency test before sending the application? Or should I wait till they ask for it?

3. Obtaining police cerficates should be done when requested or should I get them before submitting the application? Should I contact the fbi for the fingerprint forms? or can I contact my local police dept.?

4. I left India over 8 yrs ago, and don´t think I can get original transripts from my university in Mumbai. I do have photocopies of them. Will that be acceptable?

5. How do I get Indian Police certificate? I left India 8 yrs ago.

Thank you

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1- Family memebrs are your father, mother, sisters and brothers.

2- Depends on your proof of English lang, however, yes you can take later and submit without it if you want to expedite the submission date

3- You need with the application.

4- Yes copies will do, they may not ask for the original.

5 - Apply through the Indian Emabssy, consulate at your current location.

Good lUck


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Thanks for the reply Saleh...

Since I have to send the police certificates along with the application (FBI certificate will take me 3-6 weeks to get), I could probably take the english proficiency test while waiting.

a couple more questions

1. About the IELTS exam. Do they send the result to me (and then I send it to Buffalo office)? or will the test results be sent directly to Buffalo? How long does it take to get the result?

2. About the FBI forms. Do I have to contact FBI to request the forms? Or are they available at local police dept.? Or online?

Thank you

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You could send FBI results later on
IELTS results will be sent directly to Bullalo

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I assume I have to wait for my AOR before I can send any additional paperwork (fbi & indian police certificate, IELTS results, etc)...

My question is...Do the Buffalo office send a specific form that I need to use when sending additional material? Or do I just write a letter with my #case number along with the additional stuff?

Thank you

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Yes you need to wait for them to ask you for further documents. They do not send forms, they ask for the missing documentys only on a letter or phone call.

Send them whatever you have now, apply for the test and the FBI report, so you can save time.

Good Luck

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