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Subject: Initial Queries ......before landing
  hi all, we (me, my wife and our kid of 5 and a half years) are all excited to start a new and fresh life in Canada. I am banking professional having extensive experience (8 years) in Business Process Reengineering, and Systems & Operations, however i know that it would be difficult for me to get a job in a bank right away. so i have decided to start a reasonable job in store or something which is offering me around 32k while my wife also intends to start a part time job of around 12-15k. our preferred cities would be Regina, Edmonton and Calgary. now the questions that i would like to put up is; what would be the costs (per month) for a family like ours? i am sure, we can get a nice small apartment for $700 but what would be the other costs like car lease rental for a car valuing $12,000 with 20% down payment and monthly groceries, child education, insurances and above all...Taxes. Anybody care to help us in better planning by providing us with useful information. Comments of Sharon would be highly appreciated, since she has great knack of explaining things in details. Thanks a lot for reading my really long message.
Salman K Jan
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I am going to see if I can find a website.
Thanks for help (in reply to: Initial Queries ......before landing)
Thank you indeed Sharon. I am also browsing the net to see price ranges of reasonable cars and also browsing through classified section of newspapers to determine rents and other expenses. But still, your advice/guidance/help would be much appreciated. Kind regards, Salman
Salman K Jan
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I have read a couple of your postings and I think we have a few common concerns. Could you please get in touch with me through the address: We could probably share our experiences. Looking forward to your mail
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Hi Dennis, it would be my pleasure to be in touch with you for sharing our experiences and more importantly plans for better preparing ourselves to meet the upcoming challenges in Canada.

Please note my email addresses as well, and

Looking forward to be in touch with you. Regards,

Salman K Jan
Regrets for wrong address (in reply to: Initial Queries ......before landing)
Hi Dennis,

my correct yahoo address is;

Regrets inconvenience.

Salman K Jan
Relevancy of work experience with acadamic qualifications (in reply to: Initial Queries ......before landing)
I am planning to apply for immigration under Federal Skill workers visa.

Can you help me in clarifying the following doubts?

1. My bachelor degree covers 17 years of full time study and I did my Master degree in correspondence. Will I get maximum 25 points for education?

2. My bachelor degree is not relevant to my job, but my Master degrees which i did in correspondence is very relevant to my job. Will it affect my academic or work experience points?

Thanks with regards,


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