Is this too fast?

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Subject: Is this too fast?
App- End of July

AOR- Early Aug (2005)

Letter requesting/ suggesting I take language test- Late Aug. 2005

Is that fast?

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Who cares if it is happy!
Do the language test.
Good luck!

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it has nothing to to with process to fast.

Rather they are not satisfied with the docs you sent reg. your english dude!!

Take the test and send it out asap. When the IA comes in shall decide if it is going fast or slow.

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Actually, they are not satisfied with my what I claimed in terms of French abilities. I have a BA in French, teach at a French immersion school, lived in France for a year and Quebec for a summer, and they still want me to take the Test d´Evaluation du Francais. I don´t mind too much taking it, I just thought it might be quick to be receiving such a request.
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greg ,tell me
the letter that was send to you about the TEF .. was it signed from visa section . or from a sr designated officer ??

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That does seem fast, Greg, if not totally ridiculous given your obvious proficiency. I guess since we sent our application off about a week after you, we might get our letter for the same in the next week or two. Glad to have a head-up!
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It wasn´t signed, it was a form letter. The closing reads, "Immigration Section." There is a stamp of Aug. 18.


They are questionning my French, not my English. If your native language is English, they probably won´t ask you for such documentation.

It is kind of crazy that they are asking for me to take the test, all considered. Especially since I aimed low when claiming French abilities to be safe. But, I´ll take the test, even though it means driving six hours to a test location, paying couple hundred bucks, and getting a hotel. But, we´re committed to this adventure of immigration, so it is part of the experience.

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greg .. listen .. sometimes its nice to show off ;)
do the exam .. show them they are wrong . and dont worry you will spend a couple of hundred bucks and stay in a hotel .. SO ENJOY UR STAY THERE THE MAX .. and hopefully you will come back with ur numbers and stick your tounge at there face :) ..
Good luck Greg ..

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I wonder if they automatically require the tests if you claim any points at all for a language other than your native one, rather than take into consideration one´s obvious fluency. My husband has so many years of French it´s just silly, but now I suppose he´ll have to take a test too. I guess we figured he might; now he knows he might as well start brushing up! Best of luck to you.

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