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  ok here is my story about the subsituted evalutaion ..
i applied as a skilled worker on the 1st of march 2005
my score was as follows
20 eduction .( bsh of pharmacy )
21 experience ( more than 10 years now )
10 age i am 33
14 in ILETS
so total now is 65
and i calmed that i basic in french .. but i knew that they might refuse my claim
but thank God . i got my AOR on the 7th of March ..
the AOR that i got was just signed visa section .nothing more and nothing less ..
and then time went by .. and i got another letter from them and that was on the 17th of july ..
and the letter was of 2 parts
one was from the visa section again , and telling me that i should fill the additional family information . coz i was foolish enough and didnt submit it the first time ;)
and another letter .. but this time , it was from the sr designated immigration office .and she even wrote her name ....stating that i didnt met the claimed points in the bench mark and advise me to go and do the Tef exam .. and submit the results within nine months or they will start processing the file in nine months with the data they have ..
so .. as i know , all corrisponace are made via visa section and they dont mention there titles
so what i think happened , is that an officer saw my file , and didnt know what to do with it . coz i am good . having points without being married or having someone in canada . so he sent it to his boss to see what should be done ..
i am not that sure about the subsituted evalutaion . but what i read in the manual . the only time that a sr designated officer was mentioned was in cases like mine .. when a visa office thinks that this person should have either a positive or neg. subsitutede valutation he should refer to his senior ..
so thats it ever ..
i then replyed to her .. stating that i will do the tef exam within the nine month period ..
and do the ilets again to get the 16 instead of the 14

so this is my story ever ..
hope that you got what you wanted .. and check this site .
see section 11.3

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