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Subject: Immigrant Resource Centers
  I have browsed the internet and have found an extensive list of offices that seemingly provide varied degrees of help/counselling/guidance to immigrants, and from the look at their names they seem to be restricted to particular cities. As soon to be landed immigrants I seek some valuable information regarding Head hunters, is there any worthwhile company that I could forward my resume and follow it up till the time I reach my destination. Which cit(y)ies offer best job opportunities for general occupations and more specifically banking or management consultancy. As we need to pack up in September urgent help is sought from already landed immigrants who have gone through this phase of job hunting; that too prior to landing in Canada. Any other information/guidance/recommendation/help in this regard; even if that doesn´t fall in the purview of my above queries would be highly appreciated. Thanks
Salman K Jan
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you can try local HRDC office (human resource department of Canada), or some employment agent which funded by provincial or federal government.

I don´t really believe those places, I think it´s more red tape than practical use, try to find more connection, that´s the way to go

departure bay
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I think that headhunters tend to charge quite a bit for their services--25% of your annual salary or so (at least at a few we´ve looked into). Still, depending on your situation and what they find for you, it might be worthwhile in order to get working right away. Common in North America is to go through a temp agency in order to get your foot in the door of a company. Salaries can be quite good and potential long term employers get the benefit of seeing you at work instead of merely in an interview. Both my husband and I have found great work this way, as well as opportunities to be hired on full time. Plus, and especially important for all of us, it would give you the opportunity to gain that all-important Canadian experience, so even if it took awhile to find a company or situation you wanted to stay in, you´d be benefiting in a major way. I hope this helps a bit. Good luck!
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Its always a pleasure to receive a positive posting like the one of wannabecanadian. We have kinda arranged a temporary job for me and my wife which would be used by us for acclimatizing ourselves in Canada.

Once we achieve the above objective, I in particular would want to focus on more serious job search both; through head hunting companies and through acquired information from both; personal contacts as well as through advertisements.

Hey wannabecanadian!!!!........Which country you moved from? and which professions were you guys in before and after moving to Canada and yeah morre importantly which city do you guys live in? Thanks for help and wishing us good luck. Adios

Salman K Jan
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Hi wannabecanadian!

Just an after thought...:) they are in abundance especially since landing anxiety is at its height....I am sure you would have passed this stage as well.

Coming back to my initial query; can you please share the addresses or contact details of temp agencies that you think are real good. As we want to do some homework before our landing into Canada.

Profound regards, Salman

Salman K Jan
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