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Subject: Things to bring to Canada
  Hi all, currently we have a full fledged home of three bedrooms having everything in it; but now as we intend to move to Canada we are in a dilemma as whether to take along a few things (with which we have strong emotional attachment) or should we be more practical and realistic and buy everything from there? Are household goods reasonably priced in Canada? any advice would be highly appreciated. Thanks
Salman K Jan
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depend on where do you live? if you live in the states, can you rent a U-haul, just a trailer or something.
you can bring some furnitures. you can buy inexpensive stuff in Wal-mart, househood goods, if you don´t mind garage sell or thrifty shop, you can find a lot of treasure.

departure bay
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well, we are moving from Pakistan to Canada, although we have a home to live in the city of Regina (till we get on our own), but we want to be practical and realistic, as we would want our new home (in which we expect to shift after a month of our arrival) to be lightly furnished with IKEA thingies.

Is IKEA expensive in Canada? or is there other cheap alternative (in Canada) which we can browse through internet. Thanks

Salman K Jan
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to me, it´s so expensive, it´s just me.
you can check out sears, the bay for alternative I guess.

I have no idea, we countryside college boys make 14k annual never shop those places.haha.

departure bay
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IKEA is pretty inexpensive in Canada, as (I think) it tends to be most everywhere. They have a Canada-specific website; you can look up their locations and pricing to give you some idea. Generally they are considered pretty inexpensive by North American standards, but they (as you obviously know) have great stuff and high quality standards (as well as high environmental and human rights standards).
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If money is not of a concern for you then maybe buying new furnitures would be a good idea. Your priority would be to find your permanent place then the big items can follow.
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If you have alot of possesions in pakistan it might be worthwhile to look into shipping it over ocean freight. You may be suprised at how cheap it actually is to ship things. Ocean freight is calculated by the cubic meter, not by weight like airlines. Unilke the airlines you are looking at 20 - 40 days for your shipmant to arrive, so a little planning may be required to get your posessions from the port to your final destination. If you have over $10,000 worth of items it may be worthwhile.

I´m not sure what the voltage in pakistan is but if it´s 220 your apliances won´t be worth shipping to canada as the eletrical in canada is 110. (you could buy power converters 110-220 but they aren´t cheap especialy ones big enough for appliances)

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Thank you indeed for valuable suggestions! I was just wondering if I should buy a PC from Pakistan, as we could get a reasonable P-IV PC (used ofcourse) for around $200 CAD, which i think is pretty reasonable.

Secondly, we have just a year ago bought a home theater system, with digital Tv 100hz and dvd system of sony. Its both; 110/220 voltage options, but dunno if further advanced versions would be available to us in the same price range or not? Similar system would cost around $1600 Cad in Pakistan, any idea of costs in Canada.

Regards, Salman

Salman K Jan
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I guess it´s better if you bring your electronics from Pakistan since they will be more expensive to buy them again in Canada...but the only thing you have to worry about is that the warranties might not be attention to the 110-220 volts issues..other than that I suggest you bring all the electronics with you...

as for home furniture, you can check the prices online and compare the IKEA, Sears, The Bay canadian websites and compare will also have the choice of the "cheapest" stuff which you might find in chains like Walmart or Zellers...

Foxtrot Alpha
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ocean freight is the only way to go.

I would be reluctant to ship a PC. I would have 2 concerns. One - electrical and software compatability and two - I would be concerned that customs would see the words PC and wonder what is on your hard drive. You don´t need that.

have a look at you can pick up a new P4 for $599. It would be compatible with anything you might want to purchase here or add on. A one plug voltage adaptor will cost you $35 You can also price your home theatre system and see if it is worth your while to sell and replace or ship.

don´t forget the prices you see on this website are subject to 14% taxes (in BC. 7% provincial and 7% federal GST - all to pay for that free healthcare we like so much)

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Very valid point re PC. Point taken! Thanks.

Regarding electronics, Foxtrot Alpha has put me in a lil dicey situation :) and his/her comments are making me think twice as whether to dispose off or ship my electronic equipment.

We are extremely fond of traveling and therefore taking a flight from Lahore-Dubai-Zurich-London or Frankfurt-Calgary, I wish I could get a direct flight from Zurich or Geneva to Calgary but this seems unlikely. My flight route might be looking pretty stupid to quite a few, but its our dream to visit Switzerland, and now we found this opportunity. With this route, i want to carry lesser baggage with myself, so no chance of any equipment going with us.

Ocean freight is good option, but i m sceptical about the utility of our electronic goods in canada, it seems more of hassel to import electronic goods, get it cleared from customs, be receiving them in working condition is of primary importance. All this, now sounds....dunno but lil more pricey option than to buy things in Canada from the scratch....remember we would be selling them off in our country, and we are getting about $3,000 for our electronic goods, I am sure we could buy a decent TV, DVD player, Microwave oven, and few juicer, toaster and yeah ceramic hair straightener for my wife through these sale proceeds. Any comments would be appreciated in new thread, as i would be using the last message option over here.

Kind regards, Salman

Salman K Jan