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Subject: need suggesstion from KOOL
  Applied as SW category nov 2001
Interview waived/Landing fee paid nov 2003
Hi KOOL. 1st of all CONGRATS. You got it man.I need a lil advise from ya. here is my story in short

1st medical 13 nov 2003
2nd medical 22 nov 2004
medical passed jan 2005
CAIPS obtained may 2005

According to CAIPS notes my BG check is going on. They started working on my BG check in 2002. I do not know why it is taking too long? I mailed NYC office but they say same thing that "BG check is going on". Can I contact anybody else other than NYC office. Anybody in Ottawa or toronto? MY BG check is going on is islamabad. IBD office is taking to longI dont know why?? Please help me. My 2nd medical will be expiring in 3 months. Who can I contact with, since I have very short period of time. I talked to visa consuler on 19thaug 2005, she told me to fax them with my contact nums and my situation. Please tell me what should I do .I applied from NYC office. Is there anyway I can talk to somebody.waitin for ur reply Thanks in advance KK

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Hi KK:

Thanks for your wishes.

I am really surprised why your bchk has taken so much time. Are you the only person in your application? Or will somebody accompanying you? From my caips notes I found that my bchk was completed in Nov 2004 and it took about one month. My application was pending because of my wife´s bchk, which they forget to initiate. I pointed out to CIC in July 2005 about this and in about one and half months her bchk was also completed.

Though CIC claims bchk can take up to 9 months but now days most of the things are done electronically and it is really fast if they do a active bchk. The reason for the delay could be either due to (1) they somehow forget to initiate bchk or (2) bchk results are misplaced/lost somehow.

Did you see any entry in your caips regarding initiation of bchk (initiation)? If it has no such entries that means they forget to initiate bchk and your SEC code must be still showing 3.

The only thing you can do is to give them a wake up fax/letter, may be through an MP (not sure how you´ll do it from US) so that somebody will look at your file and start the bchk if forgotten. In my opinion, try sending them a letter clearly pointing out any such issues you think may be delaying your case. You should also attach the relevant pages from your caips to explain better.

I am not sure about CIC, NY web site. From the caips notes you can easily find out the name of officer (look for the initials) handling your case. If the site has email ids or phone numbers of staffs at NY office, try contacting the officer directly. I know it works for some offices.

I wish I could help you more.

Best wishes from your neighbor.

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And if you talked to the visa consuler on 19th Aug 2005, then why don´t you send your application details immidiately to her asap. Don´t forget to mention in the letter about the discussions that you had with the consuler.
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Hi KK..I read your post and although I cannot say much about your case I agree with Kool that a follow-up letter is in order. Please remember to be really, really courteous in sending follow-up letters to CIC. I have read a lot of advises in several forums to always say thank you a lot of times. Just keep your anger or disappointment to yourself. Being openly angry might not do anyone good. goodluck to you.
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hi kool and joe. thanks for ur suggesstions. yeah i added my wife in march 2003. i am not sure they are doing her BG check. In CAIPS they did not mention her BG check. I did fax my letter at the same day i mean on 19th aug when I talk to the visa officer. I put my phone nums and my situation on that letter. lets see what happens next. thanx again

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hey kool can i go in person to NYC consulate with all of my docs. would it help?thanks
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No, they will not allow you meeting anybody without a letter from CIC.
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