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Subject: Spouse Passports: Different First Name Of Husband

I?m having a serious problem here, I went to Pakistan to get married and I came back. I asked my wife to apply for the passport and get other important documents like medical, police certs, etc etc. She arranaged everything and sent me the documents to canada (toronto).

The First name on my passport is MOhammad with "o" ... but on her passport, they passport guys has printed my name as MUhammad with "U" as her husband. Her name has no problem on her passport or anything. Now when i have everything here with me, like medical, ppictures, filled forms, photos etc etc ... I?m so worried that the copy of her passport and copy of my passport has the same word but with a minor difference of "O" and "U". I sopke to couple of people and consultants, they?re saying its a common problem with this name, and immigration department knows it very well and they dont care about it as long as your middle/given name and last name is spelled correctly and as long as your have all the proof that she is your wife etc.

I?m still nervous, worried, tense and depressed, back home, it takes hell of a time to get the documents etc etc.. i dont want he her to apply for a new passport cuz the passport department might ask her to apply for a new passport, the imporant thing is, her medical report has her passport number as well.

changing the passport means, get a new medical report, and eveythning from a new start.

Please guide me, advice me that should I worried about that ? or should I just go ahead and submit the forms and everything like that, mind it that all the forms whcih I have filled are with the first name of mine as Mohammad with "O" as all of my canadian documents has the same spelled first name.

Please, I need your help.

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As I told you TWICE before.....submit the forms with a letter explaining the differences in the names. How hard is that? I will write you a letter if you can not do that.

A letter will make the CIC job easier. They can see the differences and then they can see the explanation. That should make it crystal clear for them.

I don´t know why you keep asking the same question. If I knew what answer you wanted, I would tell you that.
One guy told you not to worry and not to write a letter and I am telling you to write an explanation letter. It will not hurt you. It will actually help.

What answer are you looking for????

Just make a decision and send the papers in.


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What you have been told is correct. Mohamed, Muhamed, Mohammed, Muhammed are the same. Carry on and submit. Do not even mention it. Write on the application the name as written on your passport.

Good Luck

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SMARTHAWK...be smart and send a letter explaining the difference in names.


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