Anybody SW applied from NYC?

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Subject: Anybody SW applied from NYC?
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Anybody applied from NYC and been waitin since 2001 or later. guys i am planning to go and see a visa officer by myself to see why its taking toooo long? I dont know whether they are gonna let me in or not? I did ask somebody in there office, she did not say "yes" but she did´nt sat "no" either.She just asked me the reason to come in person. Anybody has experience like this?share it ,if you have one. thanks in advance. KK

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were you part of the class action settlement? I am guessing yes. You applied under old rules? Court case has been settled and now CIC is working their way through those applications. I know there is a commitment by the government to complete those affected applications by a certain date - just not 100% sure what those dates are.
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yeah i applied under old rules.but now i come under 67 pts rule. do you have any idea why its taking this much?they tell me BG check all the time. I dont know whats goin on?sharo is it good idea to see visa/immigration officer(if they let me see em)in person.i heard one must has an appointment or one with visitor visa application can enter the premises. I have been tryin to conatct them but not succeeded yet. please tell me about settlement thing??thanx KK
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