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Subject: Enlightening 2004 data

This link shows all the various categories of immigrant applications and a variety of statistical analysis.

After reading it, I know get a better understanding why parental sponsorships are feeling the quota squeeze. More spouses and children are coming with our skilled workers. The overall economic class has been increased to meet Canada´s needs by a small percentage. Those applicants get first priority to have spouses and children join them. The remainder is allocated for parents and grandparents. While the total ´non-economic class´ is slightly lower than the last few years (notice economic class has been increased) the total is still falling into the ratio that Canada feels is sustainable.

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A total of 235,808 people immigrated to Canada in 2004, a seven percent increase over the previous year. This number was within the planning target range of 220,000 to 245,000 new immigrants. Fifty-seven percent of immigrants were in the economic class, 27% in the family class, and 14% were refugees. Some of the largest category increases occurred among refugees landed in Canada, whose numbers increased by 41%; provincial nominees, who rose by 41%; and live-in caregivers, by 30%. See appendix 1 for the complete figures.

The top three countries of origin (country of last permanent residence) were China (36,410), India (25,568) and the Philippines (13,299). The largest change among the leading countries of origin was the declining importance of South Korea, which ranked ninth overall compared to fifth in 2003. This represented a 25% decrease in the number of South Korean immigrants in 2004. Two top 10 countries recorded large increases: the United States (25%) and France (22%). See appendix 2 for the complete figures.

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well it is no that the citizens of US and France are immigrating. These are "residents" of these countries i.e. foreign work-force, students, etc. from other countries in Africa etc. getting in.

so in effect the data is skewed. they should also give the original citizenship of the applicants from each country. I know a lot of Chinese and Indiand are applying from US and a lot of Africans are applying from France.

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Billy...CIC is colourblind. Do you think you are printing shocking news for Canada?
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Yes, and many people FROM the US (born here, citizens of) are immigrating too. What´s your point?
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sorry--that post was for Billy. Why on earth do you think Americans aren´t immigrating? My goodness--have you seen the state of this country? Yikes. Anyway, I didn´t mean for it to sound horrible and rude. :)
Enlightening 2004 data (in reply to: Enlightening 2004 data)
some 2004 data in the following website:


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