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Subject: New Quota - Dont' panic
Any new quota?

I wish they apply such quotas to certain countries whihc are the source of all long waiting and backlogging.

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now why don´t they hire a few more agents at the major source of backlog centers. after all they are taking a sizeable chunk of application fees to cover these expense.

for e.g. from buffalo alone if they get 4-5,000 applications a year that is about 40-50 million in fees alone. I´m not even counting revenue from other consular services. this is for immigrant visa applications alone.

if they don´t act on this growing backlog it is soon going to be like the US processing system with over 5-6 years on backlog. then the govt decides to open backlog centers and clear cases.

what is better to see the tide coming or to swim it out. it is obvious there is a problem, we have seen it on case after case on this forum reporting delay than the good old times. with 2004 cases already back logged until a year and half quota for buffalo, i´d presume the 2005 cases are going to see anything come in 2007-2008!!

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backlog is not because they are lazy it is because there are more applications than Canada is willing to accept in one year.

you must take your turn or take your turn. Canada is not about to increase its quotas.

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Billy, additional 4-5000 cases per year does not translate to revenues of 40-50 million for CIC. At most with processing fees of $1050 and RPRF of $975 and additional 5000 cases the revenue would be $10,125,000. You might also want to look at the department´s budget at:

The money is used to pay for the processing and other investigates charges that the government has, in additional to building maintenance.


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