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Subject: Finding job in canada
  Hi all, i have just recieved my permanent residence and would be off to Toronto very soon. I understand that it is quiet difficult for new immigrants in canada to find jobs. I have a law degree and have about five years of immigration work experince. I found a job vacancy with the Canadian immigration and refugee board and i intend on applying for the position, since i have relevant experience and qualifications asked for. I just want to know if it is true that even if you have relevant UK work experience,you are still no given a chance in Canada as lon as you do not have any Canadian work experience.

Thank you.

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There are no rules with that regard, however, if you look at the issue in a practical way, yes the employer would prefer a Canadian experienced person rather then a person with Intrl one. And another however, still you can find a job. It takes sometime to find a job. You need to try hard to find one and you will.

In my view, The best way to get a job is not to think that you might go back home if you could not find one. Once you are in Canada, consider going back to your home country as another immigration process, i.e. hard.

Good luck

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My experience is that there might not be jobs for everyone (of the type that each one wants)... but there are. It is a matter of making sure that you are the one that gets it.
Its hard and takes a lot of effort... I arrived in Canada (Montreal) knowing nobody, from what a country considered as ´third world´.. and after 6 months of finding myself around, going to university fairs, career fairs, conferences.... ie. start networking (don´t just send applications electronically as most do!!)... I got into a great company, permanent job (even when my permanent residency is still on the works!), in the field I want to make my career in

So.. it takes time, A LOT of effort, and confidence... don´t stop even when you feel you just won´t find the job you want... that´s the problem of most of who arrive... you have to WORK hard to find the job you want, and dont quit until you find it!

good luck

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Very encouraging post Wpt. Appreciate your attitude. Like it much.
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What about graduates from American universities (like MBA, MS, PhD,etc.) ... do they still find it hard to find jobs in Canada ?
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come on guys , you are going to Canada not to any place on mars, there are no such rules of canadian experience. If you have something to offer they will take it. Thats it.
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Steve??? Can you tell us more on these lines? Thanks.
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