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Subject: Attn: Marriage Certificate
  Hello all

I am near having everything I need to send in for my INCanada spouse application i get my medicals done next week, but I was curious as to the marriage certificate. Someone told me that the record of marriage would be proof enough, but the checklist says copy of the certificate. I have sent in for the certificate but was told it could be anoter 8 weeks, and I even paid a lawyer $80 to try to get it expedited and still I have heard nothing. What should I do? After I get the medicals done should I just pay the fees and send in the application with the record?

Please advise i just want to get this in as soon as possible. thank you so much!

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R U trying to get your marriage certificate in Canada?

You will probably ahve a long wait. I asked for a copy of mine a while back, probably almost a year ago. They cashed my cheque for $22.00 and I never got the certificate.

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Send in a copy of the record of marriage. That is what we did and they never asked for the certificate. We applied for the certificate in March of 2004 and didn´t receive it until April of 2005 and I received permanent residence in May of 2005. I was an in Canada applicant.
Georgian Bay
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Yes, we were married in Ontario.

So the record should be enough? Should I enclose a letter telling them that I have applied and paid to get it but have not received it yet? and also mention I even paid $80 to try and get it expedited? I really hope they don´t reject my application because I don´t have it.

What was your timeline Georgian bay? Thanks for your help!

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We didn´t send in an explanation. The record was enough for them.

Nov. 17, 2004-Vegreville received application
Feb. 14, 2004-Started processing
Apr. 19, 2004-AIP and Decision Made Letters Sent
May 5, 2004 Received Permanent Resident Status

Georgian Bay
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thank you so much for your help Georgian Bay. I hope it´ll be enough for the officer that gets my application!!! I hope I can have that quick of an approval!!


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just go to

You pay a certain fee and u get the certificate in 3 days i have done it.

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