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Subject: Here in Vancouver/Love It
  Hello Fellow Forum correspondents:

Well, we arrived July 7th in Vancouver! In one month we have a nice rent, over 20 friends (these people here are friendly, want to do anything to help!) and a job!

We purchased a loft-style condo in New Westminster at 6th and 6th and been out attending all the festivals, activities, and hanging out at the fabulous library.

The metro area is a wonderful and different mixture with something for everyone.

When many of our friends visited from U.S., they immediately began plans to move here, too.

Our Landing was pleasant and one of us did not get the Maple Card due to the CIC losing the photos, but the officers at CIC Vancouver were soo cooperative and friendly -- immediate service and assistance!

We are glad we immigrated here!

Ron and Ben
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welcome. glad you are settling in nicely. Is the job a compromise or is it exactly what you were looking for???
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well, it is exactly what ben wanted..... management trainee toward business and finance at a 4 star hotel downtown. I am looking at Tourism Vancouver downtown.... still waiting.... I have already retired in US so it´s just impt enough to find something to do to occupy my time... to give back to a place that was good enough tlo welcome us here.
Ron and Ben
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lucky guys .. :) congratulations. and hope you have a wonderful life in your new country ..
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you give back to a country that treats you with a little respect. I don´t think Ano is familiar with the term respect.

get yourself ready for 2010!

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Very true.. we have been blessed with a welcoming government... my retirement from US , a state police retirement... was well earned by me... We did not feel respected by the US Govt... even the difference at immigration... in US, angry, in arrest-mode all the time.. he definately service oriented.
Vancouver actually "feels" like home... well, actually how I remember the people, times, and social mores of US in 50s and 60s as a little boy. We kiss the ground here.

Ron and Ben
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you give BACK to a country that has given you something for a long period of time.. maybe you are not familiar with the term "Give BACK"....

Ano, is absolutely right... I think you are harsh on him because he is not affirming the feel good part of the
original posters story...

I live in the US, and as far as i can tell, people treat the police officers with utmost respect and have appreciation for their role..but this is just a general observation, and as ano said, sexual orientation may have evoked different response from fellow workers..


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I understand the term ´give back´ very well. It is one of the reasons I hang around this forum.

I am not going to put words or intent in Ron and Ben´s mouth, but having read some of their posts over the months and having spoken with other couples fighting for personal dignity in the US, I suspect the value placed on Canada being an accepting society is worth far more to our friends than any gratitude they might feel for years of employment.

As for Ano... I think I have made my feelings known about his contributions to our forum and I will leave it at that.

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What´s up with you guys,

If someone is feeling good about anything, let him. why are you dissecting each and every word one says in his excitement. "Giving back" - Did you guys ever think the poster might just have used a wrong word at a wrong time? Did you guys ever think the poster might really have some reason why he said that? You just start tossing your idea´s around without even knowing anything about the poster except of course that he has gotten what you are still waiting for.

Everyone has some reason for everything and you have absolutely no right questioning without knowing..

Go mind your own business and vent your frustration at someone who can hit you back and then see...

Does what you say make any difference to the poster here? Not at all! and that´s exactly what he must be thinking at the moment, and probably more --( %$@# yourself. I´m here and I´m enjoying. You losers keep drooling!)

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Here I am, once again
I´m torn into pieces
Can´t deny it, can´t pretend
Just thought you were the one
Broken up, deep inside
But you won´t get to see the tears I cry
Behind these hazel eyes

departure bay
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Ron and Ben: Getting back on topic, congratulations to you. We are also considering a move to Vancouver, but are concerned about costs. Can you tell me how much your rental is and what you might expect to pay for a condo or single family home in your area? How about regular monthly expenses?

You are not the only ones moving to Canada for some respect, there are many more doing the same.