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  Hi all,

We are in a bit of dilemma as to what should be the best and most economical route from Pakistan to Calgary or more better to Regina?

The route that we are getting are as follows;

1. Lahore - Dubai - Milan - Calgary and then we take another flight to Regina which we have to get booked once we reach Calgary Airport.

2. Lahore - Dubai - London - Calgary and then we take another flight to Regina which we have to get booked once we reach Calgary Airport.

3. Lahore - Dubai - Zurich/Frankfurt/Paris/Amsterdam - Toronto and then we take another flight to Calgary which we have to get booked once we reach Toronto Airport. and then we take another flight to Regina which we have to get booked once we reach Calgary Airport. Too risky plus seems too costly affair.

We want to know the following;

1. If there are direct flights from Toronto to Regina? if yes, pleaseeee tell us the frequency and approximate charges per ticket.

2. Pleaseeee tell us the frequency and approximate charges per ticket for Calgary to Regina.

We are trying various sites but not getting desirable results, so anybody who has similar experience might want to shed some light on this issue.

Thanks in advance!

Salman K Jan
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For us to tell you the costs and flight frequency,we will have to look it up on the Internet.....why don´t you look it up on the Internet? We can give you advice and such for immigration but for something like doing a Google search, you are capable of doing that.I dont know what sites you are checking but there are many that will answer your questions.
If someone has first hand experience I hope they can help but for now, try these.




I am not being mean I am just trying to help you to help yourself.

Good luck

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this should work for you and their rates are very good.

Thanks Sharon (in reply to: Flight Schedule)
Thanx a zillion Sharon, and thank you Rachenuk for helping me out, actually I use my PDA (from home) to post and read messages on this forum while most heavy sites are not supported by the browser of my PDA therefore i asked for help from those having first hand knowledge / experience , and for internet I have to be in office , but its rare that i find much time for browsing the net in my office.

I m sorry for bothering you; Rachunek.

Anyways thanks Sharon, the site you told me een works on my PDA2K.

Kind regards,


Salman K Jan
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You did not bother me, Salman...I just like people to do some of the work themselves. Stuff like searching can be done by most people....some people are just lazy and don´t want to check themselves.
We are all happy here to offer advice and any help that we can. Don´t be afraid to ask.
I am having a a slightly bad today.
Good luck with finsing a flight.

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Salman, Westjet will be a good bet. Tor to Regina, they offer a range from $189 to 381 or so, depending on:
(a) whether weekday/end, busy time
(b) transit/break at Winnipeg or so on.....

From my analysis, I understand that if you take a non-peak, week day flight, that stops at Winnipeg for 1-2 hrs, you get about 50% off. May be you want to consider this if there is no hurry in reaching Regina.........perhaps, spend time at Winnipeg airport, have coffeee and relax, you are there for the next connection.

Hope it helps.


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I could be specific not because I knew all of it, but I was talking to my agent yesterday and just finalised my itinerary. Flying via US-Toronto-Stay Tor. for immigration paper work

Tor- Regina, halt Regina, visit friends, places.

Regina-Tor. and from there I have some meetings with faculty members (UT and UWO).

I depart Toronto and visit my friends in the USA, mostly in Phoenix, St. Louis, Detroit, Minneapolis, and return, Narita.

Seems a hectic trip, but I know it is going to be fun, esp with in Canada. I see some nice time out there.......getting colder in 2 weeks time!!!! Sept chills!!!

Good luck with your planning. Let me know if I can help better.

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Try out the website of Air Canada too. They have four flights a day from Calgary to Regina: 0800, 1325,1800 and 2230 and flight time is 1 hour 19 minutes.The fares vary from $89 to $222 on Tango class. There are also a large number of flight from Toronto, both direct and connecting. The fares vary from $199 to $436. Check the site: http://www.aircanada.com/en/offers/air/index.html
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