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Subject: GOT IT!
  My turn to say I GOT IT! I will be leaving the US Sept 3rd to head back home with my hubbie. My time line is below =)

FEB 26 - Married
MAR 30 - FBI Prints Mailed (FedEx with Return)
APR 01 - Medical Done (In Hamilton, Ontario)
APR 04 - State Prints Completed (On-Site Computer)
APR 04 - FBI Received Prints and Mailed same day
APR 05 - FBI Prints Received
APR 29 - State Prints Received
APR 29 - Sponsorship/Processing/Landing Fees Payed ($1525 CND)
MAY 18 - Immigration Package Sent (Express Post)
MAY 19 - CiC Received Package
JUN 11 - CiC Begins Processing (Sponsor Got Notice)
JUN 17 - CiC Sends Package to Buffalo (Sponsored Got Notice)
JUL 25 - Sponsored Received Notice of Approval and Passport Request
JUL 26 - Passport Sent In (FedEx with Return)
AUG 24 - Passport Stamped
AUG 25 - Passport Received (FedEx Return WITH Consolate Top Priority!)

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wow....wish you all the happy moments and prosperity in life....good luck
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Awesome! Congratulations :)
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WOW great stuff , that is stunningly quick , I just wish PR applications were as fast as spousal sponsorship. Congratulations


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Fantastic, and good luck to the two of you.
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