This Forum Kicks Ass!!!!!

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Subject: This Forum Kicks Ass!!!!!
This is the greatest immigration forum outthere on the vast internet. All you people are very knowledgable and helpful.
Isnt there anyhow we can rate this website as the best one?

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maybe we could get fast processing of our applications as a prize!
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simply the best!!
don´t too much fancy shit, as long as content is useful, that´s it

departure bay
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Glad you enjoy it Nelson.

I often wonder how many people visit, browse, and use this forum but never contribute. In other words, how many "reads" there are for our posts. I assume many, it is just interesting to ponder.

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Greg... I thought it was just us!
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Quite true Greg, readers vs contributors ratio, interesting comment.

Some times the Qns are simple that people with some effort can find answers to, Google!! Other times, the Qns are too much legal or specific that MANY take care NOT to misguide (some however, respond even with wrong ones). Otherwise, I think this is an active and well-connected online community. We all have the who´s who in Canada (to be) list and enjoy helping too.

I have thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from this forum. I agree that I have not been very active, but would like to time-willing.

Good luck to all. Thanks to the Admin. Tell us about you Admin, I know nothing.

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This is quite the best forum around and i must confess that
i am on here everyday even if i do not contribute. Thanks to all you guys, you are very helpful.


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