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Subject: New Application
  Dear All,

Very informative site and thanks for all the contributions.

Presently in US on H1-b and applied via Buffalo, Ny.

I applied for PR to Canada in first week of may,2005 and Buffalo consulate informed reciept of application July end.Aug 16th recd notice i will have to do IELTs in order to get full points for language.

Will be submitting IELTs in OCt/Nov since all centers are heavyily booked.

Does this stop my application processing in Buffalo until I send them IELTs scores or the proceesing will continue while waiting.

What is the present timeline from Buffalo, Ny.

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My advise is take IELTS ASAP and send them the results ASAP, you do not want further delays. Be prepared to wait 2.5 years for the whole application process Buffalo is very slow around these days
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