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Subject: working in Canada?
  after I read Departure bay´s review, I don´t think it´s true.
My friend told me that usually immigrants work in bad condition, they can´t even chitchat or eat in work place.
In Toronto, lots of immigrants work in sweat shop, they can get fire if they were found out being lazy.

Departure bay for sure told us some lie about his working condition.
He is not even PR yet.talking about skateboard to work?
what the?????? Do you think we are 15 years old kids?
maybe departure bay watches Avril Lavigne too much, just wanna be a skate boy, right?

As I know, in Canada, people usually drive to work, therefore , there should be no room for skateboard, and it´s dangerous too.

departure bay, you are sick!

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DB what a nice compatriots you have!
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and I am sick of Avril Lavigne too, because departure bay always talks about this American smoky eye chick.
she is not even hot

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Hot or not? Check out for yourself

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go to hell!!!Avril is Canadian! not Yankee dude!you gotta piss a lot of fans off to say Avril is American, this is like calling.

I don´t know who are you, but I don´t give a shit.
you can laugh at my naive, i don´t care.
I love Avril Lavigne´s songs and her personality, whatever

departure bay
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Poor DB! YOu get so much crap on this board, yet you seem so honest and awesome and you keep most of us laughing all the time, which is always so needed. I love hearing your stories about work, and your Avril obsession, and how much you love your home and that you can go fishing for your dinner. It´s too bad there are so many people here who don´t understand that much of life is in our outlook, rather than sealed in our fates. And why must everything on this board be specifically about immigration issues? I think that there is much to be learned from people who are already living in Canada and making it their home, and much to be learned about the little things that make up our lives, no matter how "trivial" or "off topic". I for one appreciate all your input, and your constant reminder to not take life so darn seriously all the time. Keep it up DB! :)
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