Buffalo PPR (spousal) in record time!!

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Subject: Buffalo PPR (spousal) in record time!!
  My husband informed me today he got his passport request from Buffalo after only 3 months!! No mention of interview or anything...so he´s sending that out tomorrow, I mean, the sooner the better!!!! We´re both kinda in shock, as we weren´t expecting ANYTHING for months. He even scanned the letter and emailed it to me so I could read it with my own eyes!!!

So the question I have is...how long will Buffalo be with his passport? Is this going to be like "ok, so you are approved but we need 5 months to actually issue the visa..." I shouldnt say such things and jinx it!!

Has anyone recently sent in their passport and how long has it been/have you got it back?

Ms. Mo

Ms. Mo
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I believe the wait is approximately 15 days?
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yes, it shouldn´t be that long. Buffalo is pretty good with returning passports on time unlike chc-new delhi.
Comgratulations Ms. Mo!

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Thanx...I will keep my fingers crossed...we never imagined he would be here before the end of 2005!!


Ms. Mo
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