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Subject: Spouse PR CHC - New Delhi
Any one with Spouse PR, please share your timelines. Its been almost CHC started processing my wife´s case and have not heard of anything from them.
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Hey Amit I shared it with you...Remember? Did you send the fax yet? I repeat my timeline.

Sent to CPC Mississauga - June 16th
Approved and forwarded to CHC New Delhi - July 5th
CHC-New Delhi started processing - July 20th
Passport request sent - August 2nd(I received it on Aug24th)
Sent passport to CHC New Delhi - Aug 25th which would have been received by Aug 26th or Aug 29th.

After that, there is a silence. I am expecting the passport back by Sep 12th as it takes approx two weeks. In some cases it has taken upto one month.(i hope that´s not the case with me)

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My husband sent his passport to CHC Delhi on 12th aug and its been a month no reply yet and it still says in process. i am so frustrated and annoyed. but what can we do??
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Does new delhi send AOR for spousal application?


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