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Subject: application
  Hi all
If I submit my application except the following:
1. The non governance of my country of citizenship that I will apply for it, for myself, my husband and my 2 sons 17,19 years old , next week at the embassy of my country in the Capital. It may take 2-3 months.
That I normally reside in another country and I will submit its non governance soon within the application.

2. The IELTS test record that I?m planning to have the test next Nov.
3. Mine and my husband?s Experience letters, that the places in which we were working for 20 years doesn?t exist anymore (It was dissolved), in steed I will provide them with a letter of explanation.

I will send them the non governance and the IELTS test result
as soon as I got it.

Do you thing they will accept my application and they will ask for the missing documents latter?

Do I need to evaluate mine and my husband educational documents at WES before submitting my application?

Please help, I need you advice.

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As I think every thing should be ok.
tell them by written letter what are you going to do exactly .
best wishes

(in reply to: application)
You don´t need to right now .
you may need it latter .

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