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Subject: Selection interview
  Hi all,

I just wanted to thank everyone here who responded to my request for feedback on the selection interview for an article on my website. (I had a lot of good feedback from this and other forums).

You can read the article here:

And the compilation of selection interview questions is available here:

Comments etc are welcome.

Thanks again,


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Hey Archie, This is such a wonderful site and you have done a great job. I have no doubt to say that this is a great help for people awaiting interview, like myself. You have provided me such a good information that i have no words to say thnaks to you. I have my interview in October and i will leave a feedback for you as well so that you add that to your site and others could get benefit. God Bless You. Amen
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Steve, thank you for the compliments and good wishes. I´d love to hear about your own experiences (and of anyone else who might have undergone the selection interview).

I will be updating both the article and the questions over time, which I hope will benefit others who have to go through the interview process... so keep the feedback coming!



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i wish u had this out earlier as we failed out interview.
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What questions were you asked? Did they reveal why your application was being turned down? Did they say you could reapply?
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another good website is
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