US is doing a fine job..

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Subject: US is doing a fine job..
  I think the US is doing the best job in relief efforts. Any other country would have pissed in their pants. All the people stranded in New Orleans were given mandatory evacuation orders just 1 day before hurricane Katrina struck them, mandatory evacuation orders were given as soon as the govt. learnt that Katrina had turned from a category 2 to category 4 and most of the people with common sense evacuated and heeded advise while others said lets see what will happen. Of course having said this, there are people both black and white who are old, who cant drive, or evacuate and who need assistance or who are handicapped. They are all being now rescued in a big way. Remember nobody guessed that the levee would break causing massive flooding into the city whereby roads are cutoff so you cant move in buses to evacuate and then you have no airstrips for aircraft to land. This is a very complex situation. The US govt under Bush has done a tremendous job so far. People like you on this forum just talk bull sipping beer. How many of you have actually donated money??. People who bring a racist angle to this are oppurtunists like democrats trying to capitalize on the situation and creating a blame game instead of focussing on relief efforts. I think Canada could not do jack shit like what the US is doing in terms of relief efforts simply because Canada´s capabilities is zilch.
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I beg to differ.I think the US did a terrible job in its rescue efforts-even Bush himself admitted to this.Being the world super power they should have done better.Sending armed guards to watch over looters yet leaving the old and the sick dying,people without water,food is unexplainable.
I think like many other times before the US govt failed its citizens terribly.

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I think Bush did an awesome job..well initial response was a little slow now he is doing a terrific job now..with michael chertoff and fema they are doing the best anybody can..and ordinary american citizens have donated more than a whopping 250 million dollars...
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Yeah initial response was slow...He started acting quick-woke up after complaints started pouring in from all over the world on the way the tragedy was being handled.This is a terrible disaster and in my opinion NO excuse for slow response.(diff btw life and death.)
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bull shit...this administration is doing the best any can do..cut ur crap...and eat maple leaves
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The war of Anonymouses. Bush sucks BTW...
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The administration did an abysmal job, The response time for a homeland disaster should be hours not days! They are doing the best they can? That may be so but if they would have spent some time working on some natural disaster relief plans as well as terrorism relief plans maybe they would have done a bit better.

That said you can´t fault aid workers, there was plenty of effort until people started shooting at the workers !!

The amount of looting, rapes and other crimes of opportunity absolutely disgust me.

Read the news, Canada will be helping the US with it´s oil demands for a while, so every canadian is already donating extensively at the gas pumps.

A lot of people compare this to the tsunami disaster, I beg to differ the tsunami caused a tremendous amount of damage to human life, this disaster caused a tremendous amount of damage to fully insured property. Short term compassion and housing is what is required right now, there is no lack of resources ( other than oil ) that the US needs.

To the original poster, what makes you think canada has no ability to produce a large scale relief effort? It´s nice to bark out of your ass but back your statements up.

Anonymous (no use breaking the trend)
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This was likely the biggest screw-up in history by the American federal government. Never in my lifetime did I thik I would witness something like this in a major American city. The richest, most resourceful country in the world.

To the original poster "nobody guessed that the levee would break" -- Bull. They KNEW the levees could only withstand a Cat 3 at best. The levees are built on soft, silty sediment. They are heavy. They sink into the mud, and subside over time. This problem was identified back in 1998. The money to do the shoring up and rebuilding and strengthening was coming in up until 2002. The funding was then cut to send everyone to Iraq, and the projects were left uncompleted. The place where they stopped?

The 17th Street Levee and Bridge.

The place where the levees failed?

Yup, right about there.

On the issue of Iraq.. notwithstanding the fact that is where the Louisana National Guard happened to be stationed when Katrina rolled in, it´s funny that that the US could sweep in and gain control of Iraq - an entire country, but they couldn´t control a couple lunatics running around New Orleans with guns. It was the lack of military presence that crippled evacuation efforts.

Another preventative measure would have been recognizing that 30,000 residents wouldn´t have the means to leave, and perhaps made moving those people part of the evacuation process.. you know, BEFORE every bus in the city was under 20 feet of water.

All that aside, what happened happened, and the initial federal response was shameful. The mayor of the city, completely frustrated by the federal goverment made an urgent plea for help. 20 countries offered their assistance. Canada had military forces on stand-by for 2 days, just waiting for the go-ahead from the states.

But no, here comes Bush "Thanks for the offer to help y´all, but we´re gonna go ahead and take care of this ourselves"

Mmm, ok.. starting WHEN, exactly? Cos people are dying in the streets. Not because of drowning, but from starvation, dehydration, and lack of medicine. Yes, getting into the city on ground was a logistical nightmare, but that doesn´t stop helicopters from dropping supplies from the air. It took them SIX days to figure that out?

I´m sorry, there´s nothing anything anyone could say that could justify how that was handled. There´s a whole issue of colour and race that I won´t even touch on because it´s too disgusting to contemplate, even though it´s blatantly obvious.

I love the United States, and I´m married to an American, but all I can say to the Bush administration, is shame on you.

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Mandatory evacuation makes sense only if you have a place to go and means to go. Poor black people who live down town did not have a place to go and no money for hotels. US govt at least should have provided a place for them to go, Better if they had sent some Amtrak trains to New Orleans before the hurricane. After the disaster the subconcious attitude of US leaders may have been that these people were punished because they did not leave. Perhaps that will explain the delay in relief.

For example the 82 nd airbone division can be mobilised in 24 hrs. Desaster relief should have begun as soon as the forcasts came in. I think the top leadership was preoccupied with iraq.

I hope canada does not have this attitude.

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A fine job??? Let me tell you??? They were just not prepared for this
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In Canada we have always been told in the case of disaster be ready to fend for yourself for 3-4 days. I now see why.

The intitial hurricane is not the major factor in this disaster... it is the water. Aron Brown said it very well when the comments started coming from the government that at first they did not fully understand the scope of the crisis. In Brown´s words ´what planet were you on´.