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Subject: What is Canada coming to?
  One of the reasons I had decided to immigrate to Canada was its liberal society. Their compassion and general social policy of justice to all.

However, I see on this forum postings which are rather self centered and about "me". I have visited Canada and only recently found a mix of people. With the native Canadians I found a general welcome and friendly nature and some recent immigrants such as at the airport counters, car rentals found them to be rather hostile in tone. Why?

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maybe they´re just the living proof that the skilled worker immigrants are relegated to "menial" jobs and their frustrations are showing in their attitudes towards you. its probably nothing personal.

this not only holds for canada or immigrants or whatever, but you really shouldn´t judge people. you don´t know what they went through in the moments leading up to their encounter with you. i know, as a professional, you´re supposed to always have a smiley face but for some its not possible. this whole "first impressions are lasting" is nothing but an illusion and this nonesense keeps perpetuating itself and as a result, we really lose opportunities to get to know people because we caught them on a bad day. in any event,dude, never judge people; you really don´t know anything about them or their lives.

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Who are these "Native Canadians" you speak of? Do you mean the Cree or the Huron native people for example? Or do you mean the white people like myself, who are also immigrants? If you want to learn what Canada is really about, talk to some real natives, not the whites who think they´re native. The real natives will tell you about the hell they and their ancestors have been put through. I deal with many immigrants on a daily basis and some are pleasant and others nasty. Even the white people in Canada are the same, some nice others mean. Thats life.
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