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I am a canadian PR and I just got married (in canada) to my girlfriend who is currently in canada on a long term study permit in graduate school at a top canadian university. She has more than enough points to qualify as a skilled worker (has canadian bachelors and masters degree and has 3+ years of canadian work experience). She had applied to buffalo (before meeting me) nearly 8 months ago and is waiting for medical.

Should we just write a letter to buffalo with a copy of our marriage certificate ? Do I have to fill up all the forms again ? We have been living together for a few months now in a rented appartment, so should we send a copy of the lease as well ? As a grad student she makes enough money and I have a full time job - do we also send our bank statements and such ?

I will finish my 3 years in Canada this november, so can I apply for a canadian passport seperately from my wife who, once she gets her PR will need to stay 3 more years to app for her passport ?


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Your wife should inform Buffalo that you got married. Send a copy of your marriage certificate and inform them that you are a PR of Canada. Also send a copy of your PR card and you can also include a copy of your tax returns for the last couple of years.

Ask them if they need additional documents.

Once your wife becomes a Canadian PR she will have to wait for 3 years (just like you) to apply for citizenship.

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ok - but can i apply without her for my citizenship ? meaning - you know how you have to apply with your spouse (even if not-accompanying) when you apply for PR, does anything like that happen in the citizenship app process ?

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