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Subject: Just a short query .......please respond
  I applied for PR at buffalo and my file is transferred to Detroit for interview. When Buffalo informed that my file has been transferred to Detroit, they also mentioned that "i am not required to submitt any more documents. Actually i did not submitt any IELETS score instead i attched some of the reference letters from my teachers and my transcripts as a proof that i have studied english for many years. I was wondering if they have accepted the letters of my teachers as a valid document to assess my language proficiency. Because they said "NO further documents are required" i would appreciate your comments.
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Looks like they have accepted your proof of english proficency as sufficent. There might be info in the CAIPS.

However, pl remember that the letter from Buffalo is a form letter.

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Hi Steve, I have the same case as yours. I provided explanation and certifications/endorsements for my English ability. The file transfer paper also did not say about additional docs. However, I cannot totally say that CIC is convinced because in my CAIPS there was no mention of points awarded in any of the categories except age.

For the list of docs to be submitted on my scheduled interview date, I am including more certifications and endorsements from people that I deal with on a regular basis...people that can corroborate my claim on my English ability....So I guess during the interview, we really need to make a positive impression not just on the English ability but on the over all....goodluck to you...and to all of us... =)

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Hi Joe05

Unfortunately, you have only one chance to submitt all other evidence of language proficiency, aside from approved test results. That opportunity has come and gone - it was at the time of your application´s submission.

For more info, I recommend checking out the Overseas Processing Manual, chapter 6 (I think it is pages 19 thru 25 that discusses this, in detail).

Point is - I wouldn´t bother collecting additional supporting documents; I also wouldn´t worry about proving your language skills during your interview.

Best of luck!

Please check out www.e-ca.ca

Dennis Caul
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Hi Dennis,

I respect your suggestions and opinions but I have to say I have a different view on that. I chose to bother collecting as much documents as I could... nothing to lose in collecting I believe. Thanks anyway...

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you are right JoeO5 because i am doing the same. As we all know the powers of Visa Officer that can award upto 10 points. So do as much as you can to impress the Visa Officer.
Hello Dennis, instead of commenting on JoeO5 suggestions, you should have answered my query. Am i right? So please give me a feedback on my query, sounds like you are either a consultant or a lawyer. So i am waiting for a feedback from you. Thanks anyway.

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