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Subject: HELP!! AOR!!
  My skilled worker application reached Hong Kong visa office on Sept 15, 05 and they charged me the application fee through credit card on Sept 30, 05.

Does it mean i did not lack any documents they required and will soon receive my AOR with case number?

When should i expect to receive my AOR after such payment?

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Hey dude how the hell did you send you App in sept 15/05 is just sept 3/05, tell me how you did that are you a freaking magician that travels on time
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Oops! Sorry!

Application is sent Aug 15, 05 and fee charged on Aug 30, 05.

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if they have taken your money it means you have started the process. Nothing more and no guarantees.
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it´s different office from Buffalo, who knows?
departure bay
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hey DB... not everyone in this forum is using Buffalo! I know it does not always seem that way.
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Hey Anonymous.

While I hope that I am wrong, I don´t think that Hong Kong´s expeditious acceptance of payment should be interpreted in some favourable light when considering how quickly your application will move through its stages of processing. More likely, your AOR will arrive within three months from the date of submission (i.e., around the middle of November).

I´m only saying this because HK is not very quick these days (check out, for general insight). But, like I said, maybe I´m wrong (and your application is destined for quick success). :)

Best of luck!

Please check out

Dennis Caul
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The reason i sent it to Hong Kong is because some of my friends i met in canada also sent their application to Hong Kong during the xmas 2004 and already had their passport requested last month. That´s why i sent mine to Hong Kong too, because it seems much faster.

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