marriage during PR experts need ur advise

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Subject: marriage during PR experts need ur advise
  Hi Guys

I just would like to know what would happen if i get married right now my App was sent to buffalo on Oct 04 AOR feb 05 expecting IA soon. My girlfriend was once denied entry to Canada 2 years ago, they did not allowed her to come to Canada for a year , after the year went by she came to visit me for 3 months CIC asked her lots of questions , I had to go to the CIC office in the airport and finally they let her in, they said after this time, next time she would like to come to Canada would be alot easier as long as she leaves and comply with the conditions they put, which she did.

My question is getting married would delay my application even more??
will i have to cancel the current application and start all over again?
What ever happened 2 years ago would affect our application?

Please I need your best advise , Thanks alot

P.S : Is not always about IA some times i come up with different stuff



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hi karajito,
Iam in the same situation and infact i have even finished my medicals in april 2005. Iam going to wait till april next year and if nothing happens in immigration front, iam going to get married add spouse name and do my second medicals. its not wort hwaiting for immigration by putting personal/family life on hold for too long.

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Yes Boss I put my life on hold for two years and I can´t wait more but i wanna Know which is the best way to do it , get my PR and then get married or get married right now.

What of those 2 choices will take less time?

I know somebody who got married while his PR was in process and CIC stop his process and made him reapply, I really don´t want that.

Please help me figure this one out


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