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Subject: Studying in Canada, Marriage, and the Like...
  To all who may view this, hello.

I have a serious problem. I am 18, living in Israel, while my fiance is in Canada, working, and is considered a full fledged Canadian citizen. I would like to apply to a Canadian university in Manitoba, either for the winter (unlikely), or the spring/summer term. Now, the prices, and the options for international students vary drastically from the ones for Canadian citizens. Therefore, we are considering getting married now, instead of in a year (this application is coming up sooner than we´ve expected, because of personal life changes). Now, my question is, basically... What happens from here? How long does it take for the marital status to be accepted? How soon can I start working? How soon will I be granted full citizenship? Basically, we both are very confused, and need all the information we can get.

Your help, any help, will be greatly appriciated.

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Hi::First of all getting Permanent Resident Status and Citizenship are two different things. The first thing you would get is the Permanent resident status and that would happen approximately 14 months after you submit your application( that is just an average time, because could be shorter or longer). If you apply within Canada, before you become Permanent Resident, they start to process yur applicantion approximately 6 months after you send it( could be longer or shorter). After they start the process, you have to wait between three or four months for the approval in principal. Once the application reaches that first stage of approval, you can apply for a work permit, which will come approximately a month after you submit your application for it.
If you apply form outside Canada, yu have to wait until the whole process be finished to be able to work.
The difference is that if you apply inside the country ande they deny your application, you cannot appeal, and if you apply outside, you can appeal.

There might be an exception to the appeal (in reply to: Studying in Canada, Marriage, and the Like...)
I was just reading this post and saw that there might be a chance to appeal even with INSIDE Canadian Spousal Sponsorship. It all depends on how you fill out your IMM1344A application. The very first questions asks: If you are found ineligible to sponsor, indicate whether you want to: (a)To withdraw your sponsorship and all processing fees less $75 will be refunded, or (b)To proceed with the application for permanent residency.

If you choose (a) you will not have a right to appeal, this is because they refund all your money except the $75. Option (b) supposedly entitles you to some sort of appeal, because they get to keep all of your money. This is the one question that will entitle you to be able to appeal. I found this out from a CIC representative on the phone, so take it as you will. But if it weren´t true then there would be no reason to even have that question in the application packet, because they would keep your money no matter what. If I got rejected and paid the full amount I would feel very taken, so I´m sure that you get some sort of appeal, possibly just a written grievance though... never know... Good Luck...

ALSO, if your fiance is not a permanent resident of Canada for more than 700something days then she cannot sponsor you to come in. You might have to work something else out if that is an issue. Skilled worker maybe (even though it would probably take you 2-3years to be processed)???

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