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Subject: Medicals Ottawa office
  To starwars and others,

Starwars: YOu had posted a phone number a few days back for the Ottawa medicals office. When i tried to call that number, it always goes to a voice mail which says do not call here regarding medicals if you are an immigration applicant.

Did the lady call you back regarding your medicals? Or should I keep trying until she actually answers the phone

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When I called (which was around Jan, 2005), I left a clear message with my File No and a number to call back. I also thanked the lady in advance for the trouble.

No later than 30 min. she called back to confirm status.

I´m not aware about the new message you mention. I never called back since Jan as I never had the need.

However, if you do get an option to leave a message, no harm in leaving a nice message - after all you are merely enquiring on status of a file which may be just lying around (as in my case). I lost 3 months for nothing.

Hope it helps.

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I got the same voice mail. I decided not to leave any message...

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