verfication of my Mumbai Unvi cert

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Subject: verfication of my Mumbai Unvi cert
  Hi guys
i am new to this forum . I was reading some of the threads .
Need some feed back too . I just got a request from CHC london for verifcation of my Cert from the Mumbai . I am not the Principal Applicant , my hubby is. We had filed our application On the 19th of dec 2003 . Got our AOR on the 13th of Feb 2004.
MY questions Are:

1. Why do they need to check on the auhtencity of the Spousal Cert ?

2.What does this mean inregards to our application?
according to the agent , It means 90% no interview .

3. How long does a verification process take thru Mumbia university .?
my agent says anywhere bet 4-8 mths .

would love some feed back from anyone who was in the same boat .

until then just i am just chilln

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they usually call or email the institution, sometimes they ask canadian embassy in the corresponding country to verify the certificates.
process usually takes 2-5 months, if there is any problem it may take more than a year.

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Sorry to disappoint you can´t wait.. checks may take as long as they need.. no time frame.. if the agent tells you 4-8 months he is guessing.. there are several of us on BG checks and time frame from 6-9 months already.. mine is in 9th month..

just pray.. I read it actually helps...

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Can´t that before or after you got the Initial assessment. I mean...did they request the verification of your certificate after issuing you the intial assessment (IA) or are you yet to get it?


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Hi me
Thanks guys , not very encouraging replys . So the wait goes on.
i don´t know what that but this is the only correspondence i recieved after my AOR ,18mts pior. so i have no clue if they have done my IA . I hope that answer u´r question.

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