Almost got it!

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Subject: Almost got it!

I got a phone call from the Visa office and they gave me a DHL tracking number and they said that my Passport (which I sent a month ago) is on its way along with my C.O.R.P and visa and some other documentation.

Tomorrow I should be receiving my Passport :)

I will be landing in Vancouver by October !.I am doing the landing procedure there but I am going to live in Alberta for job reasons!

Good luck U´all Eh!

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timeline, visa office please, don´t get too exiciting
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My time line

Family class member

Sponsorship sent Dec 7th 2004
Approved Dec 31st 2004
PR app forwarded to Visa Office outside of Canada Jan 20th 2005

Started processing PR application Feb 4th 2005
Interview waived
Additional documents requested by CIC March 16th
Passport request Aug 10th 2005
CIC sent my Passport via DHL today.(The lady told me that it comes along with my visa and C.O.R.P.

I am a Costa Rican citizen living in Costa Rica and the visa office in charge of my region is the Canadian Embassy in Guatemala.

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good for you, I am telling you that if you did the exactly same thing here in Canada, don´t expect same timeline
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Please share your timeline at too..thanks
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how comes my name has already been over there, since it´s my first time visit there.
Even have my real name on that, gee~~~

did I lose memory?

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Bravo!!.... el poyo loco
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Congratulations!!! Andy

Finally your hard work paid off :)

Welcome to Canada :)

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YAY! I love hearing about happy endings. Congrats! :)
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Congratulations!! Best of luck to you!!
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