And here we go again...

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Subject: And here we go again...
  Well, we dropped off everything to our consultants today. A brand new application as spousal. Let´s hope we have better luck with this one than we did with our conjugal app. Let´s also hope we don´t get the same moronic idiot in Buffalo that assessed our first application.

So, 13 months and $1500 later, here we go again.....

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I don´t know the backstory, why do you write "moronic idiot?" What happened?
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I think that FWChelle was talking about an Immigration officer that used to work for the consulate in Buffalo and if I ain?t wrong she was a pain in the butt. Anyways FWChelle will tell you the rest of the story.

BTW FWChelle , Good luck amigo! , we are around here to support you!


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Thanks Andy!

Greg, I´m referring to the idiot who refused our first application for no real good reason, and didn´t even bother to call us for an interview. First application was filed under conjugal partner, and that was her only issue (that we weren´t married.. which begs the question, why even HAVE this class then?). That, and that she didn´t feel we had been maintaining a conjugal relationship "for at least 1 year, pursuant to section blah blah blah" (nevermind the 2+ years worth of flight records, telephone bills, emails, etc we provided).

I think she´s still there, but we recently learned she´s under investigation for multiple frivolous refusals. Ironically, she´s not even Canadian, she´s an American (and refused my American husband). Probably a republican, LOL.

Anyway, we´ve since got married and we´re starting from scratch....

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Congratulations on your marriage, and best of luck to you in your new application!

BTW: did you mention in another recent post that you are in K-W area? We are looking into that area as a possible area to locate (if we get our PR), and were impressed with it on a recent trip there. Would you mind sharing some of your impressions on the area? Thanks!

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