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Does anyone know how long the TEF test takes? What phases are involved (written comprehension, listening, etc.).

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I am taking the TEF in two weeks. I was asked to do so by form letter less than a month after receiving AOR.

The test takes four-five hours, maybe more with breaks and lunch. Some places, from what I understand, break the test into two days. It is comprehensive in that the first three sections ("obligatoires") are multiple choice dealing with grammar, understanding phone messages that are played to you by Cassette, listening and interpreting conversations, reading comprehension, etc. The second big part ("epreuves") is where you have to produce yourself, a written piece and a jeu de role/ role playing dialogue with test administrator.

I don´t know, I´ll have a better idea after I take it. I don´t know how good your French is, but all the information, and more, is found at this site:


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Thanks, please let me know how it was. I´m at the Intermediate level. Good luck!
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