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Subject: divorce after permenant residency
I have a question regarding my permenant residency status. My husband applied for immigration to Canada for both him and me (he was the sponsor) and we managed to get it. Now we have been here for 4 months. Things aren´t going so well and I want a divorce. However I´m not sure how this would affect my permenant residency since we came here as a family and my final goal of a citizenship after 3 years. I would appreciate any feedback on this matter.

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Don´t worry, you should be fine,
I know many couples who divorced after coming to Canada. If you are female you are ok, otherwise, if you sponsored him and he came here he would be in trouble.


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Hello Jane,
Would you please elaborate if wife sponsered husband and if they want to seperate/divorce after sometime in canada. What problem would he face before or after citizenship.

Thanx in advance

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