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Subject: processing time from egypt
i´d like to know how long does it take in case of applying from cairo???
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according to the CIC website, skilled worker applications going through Cairo are taking between 21 and 29 months to complete. (they say this refers to 80% of all the files)
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Thanks Sharon,
i needed this as well


Sim Pedro
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Any body applied from Egypt, we can exchange ideas and issues together mail me and will see what can be done
Romantic Warrior
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Dear sir,
I applied since 21 june 2005 and received a file number on 14 July 2005, then added some more required documents on October 2005 and no answer from the canadian office since this time, taking into consideration that I have 79 points and arranged employed offer as a pharmacist in canada and visited canada before twice with my husband..would you please can u help me to know the average processing time as we passed now about 13 months.

holder of Egypt travel document immigration (in reply to: processing time from egypt)
I´m palestinian holding an egyption travel document, I´m planning to immigrate to Canada, so i would like to know how logn it take for processing.
Ahmad Rakab
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under the new rules, you should have an answer within 12-18 months but the qualifications are now very strict. The first thing you need to do is take the online self-test at to determine if you fall into the qualifying categories.

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