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Subject: time for PR
i have applied for a PR from CHC delhi, india. how long does it take from this high commision in particular, as i understand that different CHC´s take their time.

would appreciate if anybody has gone through CHC delhi and got their PR.


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You may get PR in 2009 September ! Good luck !!!!!!
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At present it is taking 43 to 57 months to process a Skilled worker immigration case in New Delhi.

I will strongly reccomend that you appear in IELTS to prove your English proficiency.

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if i submit my IELTS, how soon can i get (I mean an estimate). Will a degree from US with work exp speed up the process, as BG can be reduced.



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Dear Andyrags,

Nobody knows the functioning of CIC. Going by past statistics, especially India, I don´t think submission of IELTS or your work experience has any bearing on the time factor. I have submitted an IELTS score of 8. Almost 50-60% of the applications submitted to CHC Delhi have an IELTS score. The only thing that matters is whether u get an interview waiver or not. A interview means an additional 12-18 months on the application processing times.

As most people on this forum have rightly put it - "just fill it and forget it" especially if your visa office happens to be CHC Delhi. This place is really slow. I envy the Buffalo guys !

So happy waiting !!!


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