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Subject: after application is turned in
after my wife and i turn in our sponcership and PR applications can i countinue to cross the border to visit my wife and son.
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Being allowed into Canada is at the discretion of the immigration officer. My brother a Cdn married an American over the summer; they have submitted their application in the US. He will not cross the border because the US immigration officer can deny him re-entry until his papers has been finalized. The Cdn immigration officer can also deny you re-entry, saying that you should wait until your papers are finalized.
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it´s risky, and I wouldn´t take that chance, which is why i´m doing an inland sponsorship so that we can be together while we wait it out.


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I´m not being sponsered, but I have visited Canada after submitting my application, and had no problem. It didn´t seem to come up anywhere when crossing through customs. Granted, it might be different when a huge part of your life (your family!) already lives there. Good luck.

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