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Subject: new baby
  My husband and I landed in Canada in May 2005. He currently works in Toronto, but I am still in the US working and will stay here until our baby is born (mainly because I con´t want to give up my maternity benefits which are really good with my current employer). Once the baby is born, though, I plan to move to Toronto. The baby will enter Canada on a birth certificate, i.e. as a visitor, but we will start the PR process right away. Does anyone have any idea how long it takes?
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Remember that once you and your baby move to Canada from US the baby will not have medical insurance till s/he becomes a Canadian PR.

You are going to create unnecessary hassles for yourself by giving birth to your child in US. If you are serious about settling in Canada then deliver the baby in Canada.

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Otherwise you will need to buy an insurance plan for the baby..

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OK. I understand, but I would rather get my maternity leave fully paid for 4 months in the US than have no income in Canada. Given that, does anyone know how long the PR Process takes place for the new baby?
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