Landing from US + Automatic Visa Revalidation

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Subject: Landing from US + Automatic Visa Revalidation
  Hi All,

Has anyone had experience landing in Canada from the US while on a US student visa and sucessfully re-entered back to US with expired visa using "automatic visa revalidation"??

Is "automatic visa revalidation" a common practice? Is there anything to be aware of?

Please share any knowledge or experience on this.

Thanks so much

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We tried to discss this point last week, however no one really knows 100% what the deal is. If you find out please let me know, I´m in similar situation.
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My friend and I are here in the US on F-1 visa. We just returned from Toronto (about a week ago) using automatic revalidation. Here´s how we did it. We flew to Buffalo (to visit another friend) and took a car across the border to Toronto. Btw, it is about 1.5 hours drive :) On the way back something strange happened - the customs officer just asked what nationalities we are, took our passports, look through them and let us pass. He did not even look at our I-20s (our US visa was long expired). Now, this is an exceptional case. When you travel, make sure you have properly signed I-20s with you and the INS document on automatic revalidation - you may need to actually show it at the border, coz some officers don´t even know what it is. You may also want to have a letter from your program director at school stating the duration of your program and a proof of funds letter from a bank (or a statement). Now, the only thing you absolutely have to have is your signed I-20 (signature valid for travel for at least a months past the travel date). The other stuff is optional.

Now, just to assure you that this info is correct - I did speak with INS information agent over the phone and got the confirmation. Bon Chance!


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Thanks MG. Glad to hear that you spoke with someone directly to confirm. I was planning to call myself.

You didn´t state what nationality you are when crossing over. Regardless alot depends on the person you get at the border too.

I did find a link which quite specifically states the conditions of a J-1 visa including readmission. It looks very legal so it is worth printing to show if there are any problems.

So in theory this should work. I will call myself to hear it from someone at the office just to put my mind at ease.
Thanks for the help

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