I was born and lived all my life in Montreal....

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Subject: I was born and lived all my life in Montreal....
  I was born and lived all my life in Montreal.

Here are my comments.

1. You can live well with 40K. Specially that you will have very good insurance at the Univ. I am doing my masters and have only 20K. I have enough to live but... not so much. But I can pay all the bills, can go to restaurants (not to expensive), go to movies, etc. But I cannot afford to go overseas once a year.

2. About rent. I think 450$ a month for a 1 bedroom app. is difficult to find if you want a nice surrounding and a nice app. But to give you an ex., my app. cost me 775$ incl. heating, tel., internet, etc. I have a 3 bedroom apt. with a very big kitchen and big living-room. But I live 25 min. by train to downtown Mtl. A friend of mine find an app. located in Le Plateau area: 2 bedrooms, kitch and liv. room, fridge, stove, washer and dryer for 700$. Close to everything, in front of a big park, etc.

What you need is to find an apt. close to a metro station. The best areas in Mtl are Ahuntsic (20 min. from downtown and Un. of Mtl), New Rosemont.

The area around U of M. is great (I already lived just in front of the Un. for 5 years), but you may expect to pay about 100$ more for the same kind of app. If you decide to live close to the Un. of Mtl., don´t go around Barclay street: the app. there are not well kept.)

The West Island, St-Leonard and Anjou are very good areas but not so close to the center of the city. In the West Is., the train can take you downtown in 25 min. and at the un. in 40 min.). Invest a few days in finding an app. and you will find a 4-room app. for around 550-600.

You will have absolut. NO problem in English in Mtl. Everybody speaks Eng. Even outside Mtl, you can be underst. in Eng. everywhere.

3. A car is a nuisance in Mtl. You do not need any. I have one and I never use it during the week days. Public transp. is just fine.
There is a metro station at the Un. of Mtl.

4. Mtl is a very safe city. You wife can go everywhere alone, at any time of the night, and she will be safe.

5. There are so many festivals in Mtl. that it is impossible to go to all of them. If you live in Montreal, there is a card called ACCES MONTREAL that cost 5$. With this card, you can go to many cultural activities (concert, exhibits, etc.) and it is free.

6. Usually, people from France find Quebecers very nice and friendly, but unfortunately, some may have bad experiences.

7. You probably already know that you will have access to part-time or full-time free French courses. Those courses can be taken at the Un. of Mtl. At the Un. of Mtl, a French un., you will very rapidly learn to speak French. There are students from everywhere in the world. I am sure you will like that very much.

If you need any other inf., do not hesitate to ask.

Good luck and welcome in Montreal.

From Less worried husband

To Olek... from Montreal
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Wow! So people ARE nice in Montreal:-))) I´m very impressed. Thank you Less worried husband. Could you tell me more about Ahuntsic and New Rosemont? What is nice about them? And what about Le Plateau? I like the idea to live not far from a park ... Thank you once more.
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